Finding The Best Home Gym Equipment

As soon as many people hear the word gym, they usually think of a local health and fitness centre, full of sweaty bodies pumping iron, to help which they have to pay costly memberships and travel to and from. Often these are the main reasons why many people never get around to doing any exercise and, as a result, their lifestyles become sedentary and their health and fitness undergoes.

The good news is that getting fit and healthy does not necessarily have to involve traveling to the local gym anymore. You can buy the best home gym machines and begin a fitness routine, at your convenience, in the comfort of your home.

Having your own equipment means that you can exercise as soon as you feel like it, without having to wait your turn, and you can get the type of equipment that is best suited to your needs. Allow me to share are a few ideas to help you in your quest to find the best equipment:

For those starting out on a home fitness regime, all very reputable pieces of equipment to buy first are a treadmill, an exercise bike, a stair climber and a rowing machine. Any one these will provide you with a good cardiovascular workout, and will strengthen and tone both the upper, and lower, parts of your body.

Even though cardiovascular workouts are beneficial for increasing stamina, burning calories and toning muscles, it is good to complement the following with some muscle building exercise as well. This is where a best fitness equipment for home training system comes in. Home gyms come in several styles and brands from the very basic to fully customized models. The 3 main types are:

Product Home Gyms

These are usually made of a single steel frame and different equipment is attached to different parts of the mode, depending on the workout being performed. There are 3 types of machine home gyms - traditional, power rack and additionally power cage. The traditional is the most popular and the best one for multi-purpose workouts. Equipment includes at least one barbell, two dumbbells, weight plates, a bench and rack and collars.

Free Weight Home Gyms

These are typically made up of several pieces of equipment that are not attached to each other. This kind of equipment system can offer many types of exercise options, which include rowing, leg curls, abdomen crunches and pull downs. Once again, these come in the traditional, power rack in addition to power cage categories.

Plate Loaded Machine Home Gyms

These use a combination of the machine and free body fat systems, and also come in 3 categories - machine without weight stacks, smith machine and combination kirkland machine.

A few extra things to remember when buying home gym equipment are:

1 . Look for a system that has a 200lb changeable weight stack for starters.

2 . Try it out to make sure every part is stable and working smoothly.

3. Look for a robust frame, steel cables and good supportive padding on the seat and head rests.

Once you have decided to purchase your equipment remember the reasons why you are buying it, and choose one that will suit your needs best. Cost is also a key point to consider, and the best home gym equipment should provide quality in accordance with the price you pay.

The Best Home Gym Ideas for Cardio Workouts

Starter Cardio Workouts - the Best Home Gym Ideas

Getting yourself into shape quickly and easily can be achieved with the right mindset and with the addition of a solid home conditioning exercise routine. Basically, a home cardio workout is a set of exercises designed for individuals that are as well too busy to join a gym or want to work out in the privacy of their own home.

A good cardio process at home not only provides convenience but allows you to efficiently save a beneficial amount of money from not having to pay membership fees. Moreover, this saves time from traveling to the gym or clubs. It is always a decent idea to do a lightweight warm up prior to any strenuous activity. Here are a few cardio fitness routines to start with to get the ball rolling.

Warming up prepares the body for the exercise routine that takes place and gets the blood flowing and the body muscles loosened up. Get started jogging in place for a few minutes to begin the warmup and get your heart pumping by adding a few more minutes with jump rope. once you are warmed up, start to stretch from head to toe to loosen up the whole body. After you have that muscles loosened from the warm-up and stretching, start with the home gym cardio exercise.

The Tony Little Gazelle Sides elliptical machine is a solid piece of conditioning equipment to begin with and receive beneficial results with weight loss. Providing some sort of gentle impact and full range of motion with the use of all your major limbs. If you are new to this piece of fitness equipment, in that case it is best to go easy and get a feel how to use this piece of cardio equipment.

Using a rowing machine is a very better way to get a small impact exercise. Working out frequently on the stamina rowing machine will give the user far better muscle mass in the arms, back, legs, and core. The rowing machine is one of the best pieces of equipment to activity all the areas of the body at one time. A big plus in using a stamina rowing machine is the low impact on the body in the workout. Less impact means no jarring of the body like other types of cardio machines will do.

Adjusting weights is a cinch with adjustable dumbbells and the design gives the user other benefits as well. If you are wanting to gain strength and balance with overall coordination, then a set of Weider adjustable dumbbells are perfect for people. Adjustable dumbbells are ideal for people looking to lift lighter weights for higher repetitions, but will fit a serious lifter who wants a high degree of variability in terms of weight.

One of the best home gym ideas is to use a mini-trampoline to find the heart pumping. It is a large way to get a solid cardio exercise. It is not uncommon to hear of home cardio workout's that uses trampolines because it provides less impact to the knees. The essential thing in beginning any home cardio exercise workout is to always carefully begin with a proper warm-up to avoid injury.